Indigenous Americans: The Origin of Tribes

Content From The Master Teacher, Malachi Z. York - Researched by Sekhem Atun Sedjet

Images of Olmecs
(a) Olmec warrior (b) head stone carving of an Olmec
You mentioned that the Olmecs mixed in with the Chinese to produce the American Indian, explain?

In the 4th century, a Chinese missionary under the Shang Dynasty named Hsu-Shen (Hoshan) came to America in search of his people who were the East Yi (Black Chinese). When the Chinese arrived, they encountered the Olmecs who had already been living on the land. The Chinese considered the black Olmecs as the descendants of the Black Chinese "Yi" people. Hoshan's people settled and mixed in with the Olmecs and produced the "Aboriginal." The Olmecs gave the lower kingdom to these aborigines.

The aborigines called the land 'Mu-Xian' which is a combination of the Olmeccan-Ashuric-Aramaic word 'Mu' which means "one", and the Chinese word 'Xian' named after Hsu-Shen. Did you know that there is a province in China today called 'Xian', and that this is the site of the only Chinese pyramids? Mu-Xian became 'Mixian' and eventually 'Mexian' or 'Mexico.' The aborigines called themselves 'Mexicans' and they re-mixed with the Olmecs, which resulted in a sub-tribe called 'Hopi'. The Hopi clan was taught the religion of the Dogon and given the secrets of the stars. Several hundred years later the Hindu East Indians arrived in Mexico and they bred in with the Mexicans and produced Mongoloid tribes like the Inuit and Eskimo who migrated far north to Canada and Alaska

Olmec Buddah image
Olmec Buddah

(Olmec/Chinese) Indian

(Olmec/Chinese) Mexican

The Chinese Imperial Dragon / The Olmeccan serpent

Out of the Mexican also came the Aztec, Inca, Toltec, Mixtec, and Mayans which were the five barbarian nations. The Mayans rejected their Olmec ancestry and gravitated toward their Chinese ancestry. The Mayans began practicing human sacrifice and cannibalism. The Mayans were banished by the original Olmecs and were told to leave or be destroyed. The Mayan relocated and sailed east to Asia and mixed in with the Mongols of Southeast Asia and became known as 'Angkor.' Today the Angkors no longer go by their ancient name; their modern day name is 'Cambodian.' Yes, the Cambodians are really the Native Americans that were banished. This is why the ruins of ancient Cambodia are identical to the ruins of the Mayan Empire. Historians claim that the Mayan civilization just vanished. The word 'Maya' means "illusions", because it seemed as if they disappeared over night. The Mayans didn't just disappear; an entire ethnic group just doesn't simply vanish over night, they simply packed up and moved to the other side of the planet.

Native American with
Negroid features
Original Black Buddah
Original Black Buddah
Chinese African Woman African Chinese Woman

So you're saying that the Red Indian is an aborigine?

The Red Indian is a result of mixing between the Olmec and Chinese. This is why you have some Native Americans with dark skin with Negroid feature and some with light skin and Mongoloid features.

1. Olmecs - Indigenous Americans

2. Chinese - Immigrants

3. Mexican - Aborigines who were the combination of
Olmecs and Chinese

4. East Indian - Immigrants

Native American with 3/4 Negroid blood / Indian with
3/4 Chinese blood
Black Chinese

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