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Nubian Madjuyu

Nubian Madjuyu
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African Warriors
African warriors

Painted limestone image
of Medjay elite troops

Carved image of a Medjay

Image of Medjay
Nubian Archers

Figurine images of
Nubian Archers

Image of African
Azande Warrior

Ahlun Ila Paa Madjuyu
Welcome To The Madjuyu

Medjay Warriors
Madjuyu Elite Troops


Paa Madjuyu - means "The Protectors". The emblem above was designed by Our Beloved Master Teacher, Nazdir: Amunnub ReAkh Ptah shil Paa Hanutu; Djedi. The significant meaning of the emblem displays the Feather of Ma'at, Feather of Ma'at our Mother Maat, The Nazdirt of Truth and Justice. The Three Flies The Three Flies represents a custom as far back as the 18th Dynasty where the supreme commander of the army present to his most courageous soldiers with this pendant in the form of three flies for their valor on the battlefield. The significance of the Three Flies is best known during the New Kingdom because of flies apparent qualities of persistence in the face of opposition. The three flies on a gold chain were found in Queen Ah-Hotep Tomb and offered to the queen by her sons, the Pharaohs Ka Mus and Ah Mus.

The Golden Fly  of Valor was awarded by the Pharaoh to military leaders who distinguished themselves in battle. Although generals might be represented in stone carvings, commemorating battles meant to preserve the event for all time. The Gold of Valor was an honor that could be worn to show his peers and other Egyptians his proven worth in combat. As such, it was a predecessor to modern medals, dating back to at least 1400 BCE.

Paa Madjuyu can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and Sudan. Paa Madjuyu was a police force consistent of African tribes,  such as the Beja, Hadendawa tribe which according to Roper (1930) means “Lion clan/Children of the Lioness”. Their elaborate hairdressing gained them the name of Fuzzy-wuzzies among the British troops (this was likely the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling's poem, "Fuzzy Wuzzy".) They earned an unenviable reputation during the wars by their hideous mutilations of the dead on the battlefields. Paa Madjuyu served and protected the Pharaoh and can be traced back to the old kingdom of Egypt as well as the New Kingdom of Egypt. They were Aha-u “warriors” that assisted various Pharaohs, most notably Kamose and Ahmose, during the so called 18th Dynasty. During this time the Heka Khasut “Hyksos” had invaded our land of Egypt and sought to take it over by force with no regards to life or law. Paa Madjuyu was the force that ousted the Hyksos out of Egypt across the hot burning sands back into the mountainous regions of Europe.

Heru Imhotep image

Carving of a Medjay
Carved image of a Madjuyu

Azande Warrior
African Azande Warrior

Ahau Sduan Fuzzy Wuzzies
Sudan Fuzzi Wuzzis

Beja tribesman
Beja Tribesman



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